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BURLESQUE’S BRIGHTEST STAR DITA VON TEESE IN the Art Of the Teese is THE show to not miss at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo next 20th of October 2018 !

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The International Queen of Erotic Cabaret, Dita Von Teese, is about to electrify the people of Monaco with her long-awaited show of glamour and seduction unanimously acclaimed by critics called “The Art of the Teese.”

This performance will highlight the dazzling visual effects of the exclusive acts that have made Dita Von Teese the figurehead of modern erotic cabaret, fascinating and captivating audiences all over the world. Her deliciously decadent show features four of her most captivating acts, including a brand new version of the legendary “Martini Glass”, replaced for the occasion by a magnificent neo-baroque champagne glass decorated with more than 150,000 Swarovski crystals! With dazzling haute-couture costumes designed by Jenny Packham, Catherine D’Lish and Mr. Pearl, and her sophisticated stiletto heels created especially by Christian Louboutin, the show is a fashion lover’s fantasy.
In addition to this world-famous classic act, “The Art of the Teese” tour also features some of Dita’s most popular acts, including “Lazy”, a technicolour musical striptease, the “Swan Lake Striptease” which is a tribute to the art of ballet, not to mention the highlight of the show, the famous “Rhinestone Cowgirl” act during which she is accompanied by her famous Vontourage, her strong and handsome male dancers. Her fans will also be delighted to see other artists use some of her iconic accessories in their own acts, such as her crystallised carousel horse, her giant sparkling red heart, or her golden claw-foot bath tub.

With its rich and diverse cast, “The Art of the Teese” has been hailed as a celebration of both the male and female body, with a variety of body shapes, ages and ethnicities.

“The Art of the Teese” sold out in many cities in the United States, Canada and Australia. With millions of tickets sold and unparalleled technical quality in this burlesque show, Dita Von Teese’s well-rehearsed acts are the most ambitious ever showcased in the history of burlesque striptease.

We are delighted to welcome Dita Von Teese, for the first time in Monaco, to the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo stage.

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Venue :
Opéra Garnier

Date :
20 October 2018

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Minimum age: 7 years old
From 122,5 € per person

Doors open :
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Seated concert

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Correct attire

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